Last week we welcomed Kevin W., a 15-year-old student from the Lycée Aline Mayrisch for a four-day stage d'observation (internship) at SEQVOIA!

This was an opportunity for him to have a look at the daily life inside our company and get engaged in hands-on activities in our different departments. He received short presentations in Product Management, IT, Marketing and Communications and Client Services, amongst others, during these four days, followed by practical exercises to test his comprehension and allow him to apply what he had just learned.


What did Kevin think about his very first work experience? We sat with him for a short interview to find out!


What did you think of your internship at SEQVOIA?

K.W.: It was a new experience for me. It was my first time seeing what working in a company looked like since it was my first internship. I have learned many things about finance (and I didn’t know anything about finance before). But it was difficult to memorize everything in four days.


What do you think SEQVOIA is good at? And maybe something we could do better?

K.W.: SEQVOIA has a qualified IT team which has developed a useful system. The company has also competent people in all the other different departments, and I don’t think there is anything to improve.


Which part did you enjoy the most? Which one did you not like?

K.W.: I really liked the coding session on Excel: it was the first time I tried coding anything! There was no part I didn’t like… maybe the one with the chocolates on Tuesday (ed. helping prepare chocolate boxes for our next event).


Do you see yourself working in the finance sector later?

K.W.: Yes, if I can find something similar to the computing activities I’ve done at SEQVOIA, but I don’t know yet if I want to work in the finance industry later.

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